Verizon 2Q17 Surplus Declaration & Enhanced Income Protection Plan (EIPP)

May 3, 2017. Verizon is declaring a surplus condition in 23 titles in Force Adjustment Areas 1-6. In addition the company is declaring a surplus of Representatives in the Manhattan and Queens Article 8 Units. This surplus is due to process change and the provisions of the respective FAP Articles 8(b) and 10 will not apply in this case.

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Summer Camp Reimbursement Program 2017 - Verizon workers

The Summer Camp Reimbursement Program is run by the NY/NE Regional & Local Work and Family Committee, a joint CWA/Verizon committee. Summer Camp Reimbursement, and Dependent Care Reimbursement, are bargained for benefits. The 2017 Summer Camp includes summer day programs as well as overnight camp programs and is made available through the Local and NY/NE Regional Work & Family Committees.

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Verizon Corporate Profit Sharing Award to be Paid March 10

You should have received the following letter from Verizon. One more benefit we kept due to the strike!  

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2017 Annual Open Enrollment Dates for Verizon: Nov 7 - 18

This is your opportunity to review your benefits and make any changes to your benefits. Retirees are urged to make any changes during the annual enrollment period, however they  continue to have "Anytime Enrollment". When a retiree makes a change outside of the Annual Enrollment period, the change is effective the first of the month following a 30 day period. So, under "Anytime Enrollment" a retiree could make a change up through November 30, 2016 to be effective January 1, 2017.

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Medicare Advantage Enrollment Information for Verizon Retirees

Below please find find the UnitedHealthcare Pre-Enrollment Plan Guides for the MEP HCP and HCN Advantage Plan option.  This is a UnitedHealthcare initiated communication that was mailed in early October to any retiree and/or dependent who will be Medicare-eligible as of January 1, 2017.

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Medicare Advantage Informational Meetings for Verizon Retirees

Updated List as of October 18, 2016. United Health Care had a delay in getting retiree meeting invitations to retirees, which impacted meetings scheduled the week on October 10th.  To address this, United Healthcare has added additional meetings to cover impacted locations.

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Check out the New Generator: Verizon Strike 2016 Commemorative Issue

We published a special edition of the NY Generator, Local 1101's newsletter, on the 2016 Verizon strike. It will be arriving in your mailboxes soon if it hasn't already. Check it out here as well.

Verizon Surplus Declaration & Enhanced Income Protection Plan (EIPP)

August 30, 2016. Attached is a notice of a NY surplus declaration in 30 titles in FAAs 1-6,and the supporting documents. This surplus is due to process change and it is the 1st surplus where the "Special EIPP" (Section XIV of the 2016 MOU) will be used. CWA Local 1101 is located in FAA 1.

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Dependent Care Reimbursement Now Available for Verizon Workers

The Dependent Care Reimbursement Fund (The DCRF) has been finalized. Reimbursement for Child care is now available. You can send in monthly forms starting with the month of June 2016.  Instructions, applications, and reimbursement forms can be downloaded from our website at  Reimbursements are for $50.00 a week. June and July reimbursement forms post marked by August 12 will be processed for your August 26 paycheck.

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401(k) Contribution Increase Goes in Effect September 15, 2016 for Verizon workers

The Company has notified the union that the following information will be sent in August. Beginning September 15, 2016, eligible associates may contribute up to 25% of eligible pay each period (an increase from the current 16% maximum). Contributions can be made using any combination of before-tax, after-tax and/or Roth contributions (subject to IRS limits).

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