Verizon's McAdam: We are talking to other cities about FiOS deployments

By Sean Buckley, Fierce Telecom, Juy 26, 2016. Verizon changed its FiOS buildout tune in April when it announced it would bring FiOS to Boston via a $300 million, six-year investment plan. Now, the telco is indicating other cities could be in line for a similar build.

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Summer Camp Reimbursement Program is Open

The Work Family Committee has begun the process of starting up the Work Family programs again. In the coming weeks we will be meeting to make decisions about the current programs, but since school has ended we wanted to get the ball rolling on the Summer Camp program. The Summer Camp session will be from July 1 - September 3, 2016.

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Union Plus Card Holders Can Still Apply for $300 Strike Grant

Deadline is April 13, 2017. If you have a Union Plus credit card, and did not apply for the $300 strike grant already, you can still do so. The window to apply is one year from the start of the strike. You must have had a Union Plus Credit card for at least three months prior to the start of the strike to be eligible.

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2016 Verizon Raise & Ratification Bonus

The 2016 raise of 3% went into effect on June 19, 2016. It will be applied to all steps on the wage schedule and will appear in the paycheck of July 1, 2016. The ratification bonus of $1000 will be paid in a separate Verizon paycheck on July 1, 2016.

Media Round up on Verizon & VZW Contract Ratifications

Below is a round-up of news articles on the Verizon & Verizon Wireless contract ratifications. 
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A Strike For All Working Families

by CWA President Chris Shelton, Huffington Post.  Let's talk about something that is truly extraordinary. On April 13, nearly 40,000 workers walked out the door at Verizon. After ten months of fruitless bargaining, their backs were against the wall. They did not know how long they would be on the street, or how long their families would have to survive without a paycheck. But they were determined, they were militant, and they were creative.

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Raises, Overtime Lists & Ratification Bonus

The contract was ratified Friday, June 17. The first raise of 3% went into effect yesterday, Sunday, June 19, 2016. The overtime lists will be zeroed out next Sunday, June 26. The ratification bonus of $1000 will be paid within 30 days after ratification. The raise schedule is as follows going forward:

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Victory at Verizon & VZW 2016

Click the headline to see the video.  Because of the sacrifices we made and our unity on the picket line, we came out stronger than we went in. We sent a clear message that working people coming together to fight for what is right will not be defeated. Click the headline to see the video.

CWA Members Overwhelmingly Approve Verizon Contracts

CWA National Press Release: June 17, 2016. Contracts cement historic victory for nearly 40,000 wireline workers, wireless retail workers, and wireless technicians following seven-week strike. Verizon workers along the East Coast overwhelmingly voted to ratify new contracts that were negotiated following a historic 49-day strike by nearly 40,000 workers. Voting separately, CWA members in the New York-New England region (CWA District 1) and the mid-Atlantic (CWA District 2-13) and in New Jersey overwhelmingly ratified four-year contracts.

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The Inside Story of How the Verizon Strike Ended

by Aaron Pressman, Fortune Magazine. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez and his staff had been following the uneven negotiations between Verizon Communications and its two large unions for almost a year when some 40,000 workers, mostly installers, electricians, and call center workers, walked out on strike in mid-April.

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