Verizon's Metamorphosis: Can You See Me As A Tech Giant Now?

Alltech considered, aired on NPR Aug 9, 2016. If you walk around your city or town and keep your eye to the ground, you'll start noticing round metal lids embedded in the street. That means underneath is an important utility, usually marked "water" or "sewer." But some of the manholes carry the relic logo of a bell; these mark the backbone of America's telecommunications.

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Verizon Wants to Run Every Part of Your Life

By Paul R LaMonica, CNN Money, Aug 1, 2106. Verizon no longer wants to be your mother's Ma Bell spinoff. Sure, the company is still viewed by many as a sleepy telecom. But it is trying to reshape itself into a mobile technology giant with tentacles in the worlds of media as well as connected cars.

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NLRB Rules Bianca Cunningham Be Returned to Work & Made Whole

Breaking News! The NLRB issued a sweeping decision in CWA's Unfair Labor Practice charge against Verizon Wireless and ordered that Bianca Cunningham, Verizon Wireless worker from Brooklyn, NY who was fired for her union activism, be returned to work and be made whole.

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Dependent Care Reimbursement Now Available for Verizon Workers

The Dependent Care Reimbursement Fund (The DCRF) has been finalized. Reimbursement for Child care is now available. You can send in monthly forms starting with the month of June 2016.  Instructions, applications, and reimbursement forms can be downloaded from our website at  Reimbursements are for $50.00 a week. June and July reimbursement forms post marked by August 12 will be processed for your August 26 paycheck.

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401(k) Contribution Increase Goes in Effect September 15, 2016 for Verizon workers

The Company has notified the union that the following information will be sent in August. Beginning September 15, 2016, eligible associates may contribute up to 25% of eligible pay each period (an increase from the current 16% maximum). Contributions can be made using any combination of before-tax, after-tax and/or Roth contributions (subject to IRS limits).

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Verizon strike had significant impact on installations in Q2, cratering wireline business

by Daniel Frankel, July 26, 2016, FierceTelecom. The seven-week strike that ended in late May had a crippling impact on Verizon's wireline installation operation, resulting in the company losing 41,000 FiOS pay-TV customers and 13,000 FiOS high-speed internet users, Verizon revealed Tuesday.

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Verizon's McAdam: We are talking to other cities about FiOS deployments

By Sean Buckley, Fierce Telecom, Juy 26, 2016. Verizon changed its FiOS buildout tune in April when it announced it would bring FiOS to Boston via a $300 million, six-year investment plan. Now, the telco is indicating other cities could be in line for a similar build.

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Summer Camp Reimbursement Program is Open

The Work Family Committee has begun the process of starting up the Work Family programs again. In the coming weeks we will be meeting to make decisions about the current programs, but since school has ended we wanted to get the ball rolling on the Summer Camp program. The Summer Camp session will be from July 1 - September 3, 2016.

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Union Plus Card Holders Can Still Apply for $300 Strike Grant

Deadline is April 13, 2017. If you have a Union Plus credit card, and did not apply for the $300 strike grant already, you can still do so. The window to apply is one year from the start of the strike. You must have had a Union Plus Credit card for at least three months prior to the start of the strike to be eligible.

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2016 Verizon Raise & Ratification Bonus

The 2016 raise of 3% went into effect on June 19, 2016. It will be applied to all steps on the wage schedule and will appear in the paycheck of July 1, 2016. The ratification bonus of $1000 will be paid in a separate Verizon paycheck on July 1, 2016.

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