CWA District 1 NY/NE Regional Bargaining Report #53, May 2, 2016

Your Bargaining Team met with the company in Rye this afternoon for approximately 2 1/2 hours. We made some compromise proposals in a number of areas, designed to kick-start the bargaining process. One of these proposals included a plan that would give the company greater flexibility in routing customer service calls, while at the same time limiting the amount of contracting out of that work overall.

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Verizon Business Techs Standing Strong on the Line

We're all in this together. Verizon Business technicians are holding the line, picketing VZB locations throughout the city. Pictured below are VZB techs with Chief Steward Marvin Baugh on the West Side Highway and Houston Street.

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Retirees on the Line: Hey Lowell Can you See us Now?

Local 1101 Retired Members Council joined picketers at the 42nd Street store to send Lowell a message - retirees are on on the front line with us demanding a fair contract and they are not going away!

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CWA District 1 NY/NE Regional Bargaining Report #52

Today, Verizon presented what it described as its "last, best, and final offer" to your bargaining teams in Philadelphia and Westchester. Unfortunately, their "last and best" was little more than the "same old bullshit." Here's what they offered that was new: an additional 1% in wages, one year of corporate profit-sharing, and at last, they backed off at least part of their demand to be able to transfer workers for two months anywhere in the footprint. 

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DC37 Walks the Line with us at 140 West St

Members and officers from DC37, New York City's largest public employee union, came out to the picket line at 140 West St on Monday to support our strike. We're getting offers from support from unions and community groups everywhere - stay strong everyone. We will win this!

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Verizon Strike: Continuing Medical Coverage While on Strike at Verizon & Verizon Wireless

TO:  CWA Members on Strike Against Verizon. FROM: Dennis G. Trainor, Vice President District 1. RE: VERIZON STRIKE - Continuing Medical Coverage While on Strike. There have been many questions raised related to continuing medical coverage during the strike.  Here are some facts that will help answer those questions.

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From the Picket Line to the Classroom: Lessons Learned

By Keith Hogarty, Chief Steward, CWA Local 1101.  For nineteen years I’ve worked at Verizon’s East 56th street central office, across the street from a NYC public school. Every day I walked past the students, never giving them a second thought. I assumed they felt the same towards me. They walked past me with textbooks and backpacks and I walked past with grievances and handbills.

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NYS Nurses Assocation Walking the Line with 1101 at 34 St Verizon Wireless Store

NYSNA nurses come to the 34 St line with their Union President Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez. Click on the headline for the video. Thank you NYSNA! 

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Verizon Scabs: You Can Run but You Can't Hide

Direct Action by 1101 members get scabs kicked out of hotels all over town. Verizon strikebreakers in NYC just can't catch a break.  Every time management thinks they found a place to hide, direct action by CWA Local 1101 strikers gets them tossed out like garbage. Roving pickets have gotten Verizon kicked out of more than a dozen hotels in Manhattan.

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Why Are We On Strike at Verizon?

Amazing video with footage from Monday's tremendous rally. Click on the headline to see the video.

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