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Week of Action Ends With Foley Square Rally

By Gloria Pazmino. CapitalPro. 12/5/13. At least a thousand people gathered at Foley Square in Lower Manhattan Thursday evening, culminating a "Week of Action" organized by the New Day New York Coalition which includes unions, low wage workers, and activist groups from around the City. The march served to punctuate a series of protests and demonstrations held across the city highlighting income inequality, low wages, and poor working conditions.

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Fighting Bad Trade Deals

The Trans Pacific Trade Partnership is on pace to become the largest trade deal in history and American Workers worst nightmare since NAFTA.  To make matters worse, our own government doesn’t even know what’s in the deal.  How is this possible you might ask; well it’s because, 600 corporations are writing the text to the benefit of the 1% of the wealthiest people on the planet. 

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Speedwire Technicians Join Local 1101

Udated: Some of the Speedwire technicians who recently voted to join Local 1101, pictured here with 1101 President Keith Purce, at a recent meeting.

On Tuesday, November 26th the workers of Speedwire, Inc voted to join Local 1101. Speedwire is a communications company that spans coast to coast. In March of this year AT&T launched its Digital Life product. Digital Life allows customers to link their homes to wireless products.

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Nuclear Option In Senate Marks Big Win For CWA

By David Jamieson, Huffington Post, Nov 21. WASHINGTON -- For Larry Cohen, the president of the Communications Workers of America union, the Senate Democrats' decision Thursday to go "nuclear" on presidential nominees calls for a celebration. And perhaps a short break from running around Capitol Hill.
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New Day New York Rally, Dec 5th

Thursday, December 5th. Assemble at Foley Square at 4:30pm. (Downtown Manhattan). On November 5th, CWA led the way in helping elect our new Mayor - Bill de Blasio - who pledged to put NYC's working people first.  We endorsed Bill - before it was fashionable - because he pledged to make the wealthy pay their fair share, supports the rights of workers who want a union, will negotiate fairly with city workers, and will give every New Yorker a shot at the American Dream.

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Supreme Court to weigh employer-union organizing deals

BY AMANDA BECKER,  WASHINGTON Wed Nov 13. (Reuters) - The Supreme Court will hear a case on Wednesday that could have a major impact on the U.S. labor movement as it questions whether agreements often made between unions and private-sector employers over unionization campaigns violate an anti-corruption law.

The court is examining deals known as "neutrality agreements" in which employers agree not to campaign against unionization. The agreements have been in use for decades and the case could change how unions go about organizing.

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NYT on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Members of Local 1101's Legislative Committee have been part of CWAs campaign to get our legislative representatives to sign a letter opposing the secrecy of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

By Annie Lowrey. New York Times. Nov WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is rushing to reach a new deal intended to lower barriers to trade with a dozen Pacific Rim nations, including Japan and Canada, before the end of the year.

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This Tuesday, Oct 29: Support Transport Workers Local 100's Fight for a Fair Contract

Join CWA Local 1101 at TWU Local 100's contract rally. Tuesday, October 29, 4:30-6:30pm at 2 Broadway (Bowling Green). 1101 meet at Broadway and Stone Streets.
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