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CWA Local 1101 General Membership & Finance Meeting

The CWA Local 1101 General Membership/Finance Meeting will be be held on Tuesday, November 21 at 5:30pm at the High School of Fashion Industries. 225 West 24th Street, NY NY. Hope to see you there!

AT&T's Final Offer is an Attempt to Divide Us

By now you have seen the company’s latest very public “final offer.” While at face value the company’s final offer may seem reasonable to some, the company has by-passed your Bargaining Committee in an attempt to sway our membership.

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Make Sure You VOTE Tomorrow! Check out CWA Endorsed Candidates & Vote NO on Con Con

Tuesday, Nov 7 is Election Day. Tomorrow New Yorkers will not only vote for Mayor and local elected leaders, we will decide whether or not to hold a constitutional convention, which would cost tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars and have far-reaching and devastating effects for working families.

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CWA/AT&T Mobility Orange Contract Bargaining Report 60

November 7, 2017. CWA and AT&T Bargaining Committees met in New Jersey today where AT&T finally properly passed us their “Final Offer” proposal package, which contains details of the so-called highlights which they have been emailing to you the membership since last week.

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CWA Local 1101 Executive Board Election Results

Wednesday, Nov 1, 2017. The official results of the CWA Local 1101 officers election are as follows: Vice President Bronx: Jerome Paredes: 1191, Patrick LaScala: 557. Business Agent Bronx: Ken Spatta: 1227, Joe Ventola 518. 

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CWA/AT&T Mobility Orange Contract Bargaining Report 59

November 2, 2017. What a week! Instead of waiting until Tuesday, November 7th, which is the earliest day AT&T was available to meet face to face, they tried to go around us and directly to you. 

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Protect our NYS Constitution: Vote NO on a Constitutional Convention

Every 20 years, New York State voters decide on whether to hold a Constitutional Convention, which would allow our State Constitution to be amended or completely rewritten. The outcome could have devastating effects for decades.

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Verizon 4Q17 Surplus Declaration & Special Enhanced Income Protection Plan (EIPP)

Verizon is declaring a surplus condition in 24 titles in Force Adjustment Areas 1-6. In addition the company is declaring a surplus of Central Office Technicians and Representatives in the Manhattan Article 8 Units. This surplus is due to process change and the provisions of the respective FAP Articles 8(b) and 10 will not apply in this case.

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CWA Turns out Strong at the African American Day Parade

Yesterday marked the 48th annual African American Day Parade. CWA Local 1101 joined up with District 1, Locals 1105, 1106 and 1109 to sponsor a float and a proud CWA contingent.

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