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NYT on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Members of Local 1101's Legislative Committee have been part of CWAs campaign to get our legislative representatives to sign a letter opposing the secrecy of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

By Annie Lowrey. New York Times. Nov WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is rushing to reach a new deal intended to lower barriers to trade with a dozen Pacific Rim nations, including Japan and Canada, before the end of the year.

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New York Orders Verizon To Hand Over Its Records

By Elise Ackerman. In a victory for public records access, New York officials Monday upheld a request by a coalition of public interest and consumer groups to review records filed by Verizon’s New York subsidiary with the state Public Service Commission.

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Verizon Responds To Public Records Request With More Than Three Hundred Totally Blacked-Out Pages

By Elise Ackerman. Under the state Freedom of Information Law, advocates requested that Verizon provide information about the actual costs and expenses associated with the repair, upkeep and maintenance of the traditional wireline network on the resort community of Fire Island. Among other things, advocates also wanted to know the location of any planned or active offering of Verizon’s wireless Voice Link service in other parts of New York.

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Vote Bill de Blasio & Other Working Families Party Candidates Tomorrow

When we stand together, our voices are louder. That's what unions are all about. It's the same way in elections -- and that's why our union helped found the Working Families Party.

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Notice Regarding Next Step (TTA) Program Security Breach

As previously reported, the laptop of the administrator of Hudson Valley Community College, the program which administers the Next Step program, was stolen from her home.

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Labor for de Blasio GOTV Rally

On Friday, November 1st the de Blasio campaign will be holding a Labor Get Out of The Vote Rally at 5pm at Brooklyn Borough Hall.

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Southern California Verizon Workers Strike Over Grievances

The walkout was over labor issues, with the main sticking points being pensions and health care, according to a union representative. 

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Large companies find ways to a zero tax rate

By Matt Krantz, USA Today.  Despite widespread groans about the recent disclosure that Apple is finding ways to cut its federal tax bill, an analysis shows the computer giant is one of scores of corporations largely dodging the taxman.

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This Tuesday, Oct 29: Support Transport Workers Local 100's Fight for a Fair Contract

Join CWA Local 1101 at TWU Local 100's contract rally. Tuesday, October 29, 4:30-6:30pm at 2 Broadway (Bowling Green). 1101 meet at Broadway and Stone Streets.
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