Support Spectrum Strikers; Sign the petition to deny Spectrum's Franchise Renewal

From Spectrum Strikers:

We take great union pride in the work we do, but Spectrum is refusing to provide us the tools, resources and support we need to do our jobs.

Customers deserve the services they were promised.

In addition, the company has proposed drastic health care cuts for unionized workers and their families and wants to eliminate our retirement benefits and job security. We decided we simply can no longer stay silent.

We can win. With your help we can show a multi-billion dollar company like Charter/Spectrum that labor and the community stand together!

The petition reads:

To: New York City Electeds
From: [Your Name]

Elected officials, we, the undersigned, demand that Charter/Spectrum be held accountable for how it treats its customers and workers. It is no longer acceptable that a multi-billion dollar company can get away with providing poor quality service to its customers, not meet their obligations from the takeover of Time Warner Cable, and not take care of its workers, who are profit-earners for the company.

Spectrum/Charter is charged with providing slower internet than promised, and violating telecommunication laws.

Spectrum/Charter raises rates on customers without increasing services.

Spectrum/Charter is union busting in New York City

Spectrum/Charter treats its workers unfairly. After 40 years of negotiating in good faith under Time Warner Cable, Spectrum/Charter now wants to eliminate employee participation in retirement and hospitalization plans and take away health coverage. Charter wants to break the union. This is unacceptable here in New York.