Local 1101 Members Ratify Three Year Contract at Arms Acres & Conifer Park

It includes the implementation of wage bands, the ability to address and improve medical and staffing issues, and improvements to tuition assistance.

Thank you to every member who participated in the voting process. Special thanks to the Local 1101 bargaining team, who worked very hard to get the best deal possible.

The bargaining team included:

Caroline Cammarata, Arms Acres Steward

Mike Garry, CWA District 1 Staff Representative

Cindy Halley, Conifer Park Steward

Elizabeth Magliocca, Conifer Park Steward

Jerome Paredes, CWA Local 1101 VP Bronx

Chris Pulley, Conifer Park Chief Steward

Janice Reed, Arms Acres Chief Steward

Ken Spatta, CWA Local 1101 Business Agent, Bronx

Maureen Tremarzo, Arm Acres Steward