Vote Bill de Blasio Tomorrow

Bill de Blasio has always stood by CWA members. I don't think there's another elected official that has walked more CWA picket lines or attended more of our rallies than Bill. As Mayor, he will continue to stand up for us, helping us win the best possible contracts for our families.

Bill de Blasio is the only leading candidate to propose taxing the rich. He is the only leading candidate who will end the unconstitutional stop and frisk era. He is only one really fighting to save our hospitals. He will take away taxpayer subsidies from big corporations, require developers to build 50,000 more units of affordable housing, extend paid sick leave to all New Yorkers, and push hard for living wage jobs. No wonder the special interests and Bloomberg don't want him as Mayor. Well, here's what to do about that:

Make a plan to vote for Bill de Blasio for Mayor tomorrow.

Thousands of CWA members will vote for Bill de Blasio on Tuesday, September 10th. We're all counting on each other here. Please remember to vote for Bill de Blasio for Mayor!

Chris Shelton,
Vice President, CWA District 1