CWA for Bill de Blasio

And now we can elect him Mayor of New York. Click here to pledge to vote for Bill de Blasio.

I can't tell you how important it would be for working people to have a true progressive, pro-labor Mayor. Instead of facing an anti-union Mayor like Bloomberg, who handed a massive city contract to Verizon, as we were on strike, Mayor de Blasio would actually help CWA members. Imagine that! A Mayor who actually wants to create and protect good jobs - we haven't seen that in a long time.

The next Mayor will negotiate municipal contracts for hundreds of thousands of workers, including CWA members. De Blasio, far more than the other leading candidates, understands that City workers deserve fair and just treatment.

Bill de Blasio understands that CWA members such as traffic agents and city agency and HHC workers are particularly undercompensated. He's got the pro-labor record to show that he is the most likely to negotiate fairly and honestly of any of the candidates.

Bill de Blasio's campaign is focused on the growing inequality in New York City between the rich - and everyone else. He offers the most sweeping rejection of the Bloomberg/Giuliani era.

When other candidates knuckled under to corporate interests, Bill de Blasio stood up for paid sick time for all New Yorkers; mandated development of affordable housing as part of any new development; and living wages.

Bill de Blasio took on Bloomberg's union-busting and led the campaign against Bloomberg's third term power grab.

He is the only candidate willing to end the "stop and frisk" era, the only candidate who would replace NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and pass a ban on racial profiling and establish an independent Inspector General to provide oversight over the NYPD.

Bill de Blasio's taken on the rich and powerful his entire career, whether it's been walking our picket lines countless times, passing legislation or speaking out in public against Bloomberg and Giuliani. That's why I know that Bill de Blasio is the best choice for CWA members.

Thank you,

Chris Shelton
Vice President, CWA District 1