Four Year Contract Extension Reached at Verizon! Voting to Begin Soon

In order to extend this more constructive relationship. Verizon approached CWA this summer and proposed early negotiations to extend our current contract, which expires a little more than a year from now. The parties agreed that bargaining on such an extension would be limited to wages, benefits and duration.

The tentative agreement described below, in the opinion of your bargaining committee, builds on the important gains we achieved as a result of the 2016 strike. We believe that the strength and unity we displayed two years ago set the stage for this excellent contract extension.

Click here for the Summary of the Tentative Agreement

Click here for the Memorandum of Understanding

Your Chief Stewards, Business Agents and other Executive Board members will be coming to work locations for contract interpretation meetings, and to conduct the ratification vote.

Your Local 1101 Executive Board is recommending a YES vote.