Stand in Solidarity with our CWA Brothers and Sisters on the West Coast

CWA Local 9586 members mobilization
CWA Local 9586 members mobilization

From California to the Northeast, Voice Link Threatens our Jobs – and also our Customers

  • In Verizon West bargaining, Verizon is trying to gut pensions, charge current/retired workers thousands of dollars more for health benefits, cut disability benefits for workers injured on the job, contract out more work, and on and on (sound familiar?).
  • Verizon is also moving ahead with Voice Link in California.
  • Voice Link is part of Verizon’s plan to de-Unionize – from coast to coast.
  • We need good jobs and good customer service, not jobs destroyed after customers are forced onto Voice Link.
  • In New York, CWA stopped Verizon from abandoning wireline service on Fire Island.
  • In California, Verizon West workers stood up for Verizon East and Verizon Wireless workers during the Verizon and Verizon Wireless strikes. 
  • We will not allow Verizon to destroy our jobs – and also hurt our customers.

Tell Verizon: Verizon East and Verizon West Workers are United for Good Jobs and Good Customer Service

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