Welcome to the PPA United with CWA Local 1101 page

PPA's united with CWA Local 1101
PPA's united with CWA Local 1101

Welcome to the PPA's United with CWA Local 1101 page.

We are pleased to announce that the National Labor Relations Board has called on HBO, CBS, ABC NBC and Sony Pictures to meet with CWA on Tuesday January 9TH at 26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan to try and come up with an agreed-upon date for your union election.
If you would like to attend this hearing, you are more than welcome. Please call or text us asap for details.
In other news, we are pleased to report that the Rev. Al Sharpton is in full support of your campaign, and would like to feature PPAs in his yearly meeting at the House of Justice in East Harlem for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. Please mark this on your calendar! PPAs will join Rev. Al Sharpton, and meet with top officials in NYC and NYS to let them know about your campaign to organize a union!

  • to expedite the process we rescheduled the NLRB meeting from Friday 1/5/18 to Tuesday 1/9/18. At first we were going to have two meetings with the NLRB because NBC wanted a seperate meeting. NBC then decided to meet with CWA and the rest of the production companies so we changed the date.

PPA Town Hall Call

On Wednesday 1/10/2018 we will be having a town hall call with all the PPA,s. It will be at 12pm. This call will take place after the meetings at the NLRB with the production companies so there will be a lot of information. We will send out the call information early next week