CWA Local 1101 on the Move September 29, 2016

On early Thursday morning September 29, 2016 about a dozen or so Officers, Chiefs, members and members from CWA Local 1101 paid a visit to USIC HQ on Long Island. The members of USIC are waiting for a new contract but the Bargaining team from CWA is being stonewalled by the Management at USIC. So CWA Local 1101 showed them some love.
CWA Local 1101 Standing together
VP Russo
Chief Josey
VP Russo with Suffolk County Officer
Police Reinforcements
USIC Employees walking in
VP Mike, BA'S Bill and Pete, VP Al and BA Val
Can you hear me now Eddie
BA's BILL, Val VP al, Ba Pete VP Mike
BA Val Chief Chris
CWA Local 1108 in the house for morning Coffee
CWA Local's 1101 and 1108 stand together
CWA 1108 Michael Gendron
BA Val