CWA Local 1101 with other locals to support the Working Family Party Kick off. Oct 8, 2014

Winning back the State Senate from the Republicans is one of CWA's top electoral priorities in New York State. In addition, we needs to maximize votes on the Working Families Party (WFP) line for Governor Cuomo's re-election. Party ballot position in New York is determined by the number of votes cast for the party's nominee for Governor. Therefore, the WFP is the 4th party listed statewide because the 4th most votes by party were cast on the WFP line for Governor Cuomo in 2010. To help ensure CWA's agenda passes, we need to keep maximizing the WFP's strength. District 1 VP Chris Shelton
Chief Josey with Phil
District 1VP Chris Shelton, Bob Masters and Assistant to VP Dennis Trainor
Retirees Patty Welsch
Sect/Trea Condy,Chief Josey, BA Ken Beckett, District 1 Pete Sikora
District 1 Assistant to VP Dennis Trainor and Pat Welsch
1109 Rep Jack Collins and BA Ron Spaulding
37st COT's Phil and Greg
Sect/trea Condy and Ventola.
State Senator Chuck Schumer
District 1 VP Chris Shelton.