CWA Local 1101 Steward's Meeting March 20, 2014

CWA Local 1101 held their Steward's meeting At FIT High School March 20, 2014
Chief Steward Chris Smyth with Steward Denise
Northern VP Mike Baxter and BA Pete Torres
Northern BA Torres, Sec/Trea Kevin Condy and BA Ken Beckett
Northern BA Mike Baxter and Sect/Trea Kevin Condy
The Bronx Stewards in the house
President Keith Purce
Northern VP Baxter,BA Torres,BA Val Valentino, BA Beckett, BA Spaulding
Chief Steward Josey and Steward Vic.
Bronx Chief Mike Basso
President Keith Purce
Bronx VP LaScalla and Southern VP Al Russo
President Purce talking to the men
BA Val Valentino
BA Ken Beckett
Chief steward Ken Spatta and VP Patty LaScalla
BA Torres and BA Val Valentino