Local 1101 in Support of our NEA Members Fight for a Good Contract

on May 5, 2014 CWA Local 1101 went up to the NEA to show support for our Brothers and Sisters to make sure that they get a new contract.
Business Agent Val Valentino giving the troops their marching orders
NEA Credit Union
Mobilization member Phil Connolly from 37st walking line
Chief Steward Chris Smyth from 37st walking the line
CWA local 1101 Mobilization crew take a photo in front of NEA
CWA Local 1101 Collective bargaining class takes time out for a pic.
Chief Steward Josie Algore marching with troops
BA Val Valentino speaks to the NEA Board telling them that their workers need a new contract
BA Val Valentino and BA Ron Spaulding