Dues Structure

Local 1101′s By-Laws call for dues of 1.9% of BASIC weekly wages:

For example: Verizon COT/Field Tech weekly pay = $1567.00 x 1.9% = $29.77 dues per week


Since the National Union Constitution calls for dues based on a monthly rate, we must convert the Local rate to a monthly amount:

  • $29.77 x 52 = $1548.04 a year
  • $1548 / 12 = $129.00 a month


  • 40% of two hours pay ($1567.00/40=$39.18 ×2=78.36) =$78.36×40%=$31.34 
  • Original Defense Fund = $.50
  • Membership Relief Fund* $39.18 x.25 = $9.80
  • Total to National per month = $41.64

This is the Membership Assistance Program, which was added to the Defense Fund package after the 1989 strike to better assist Members. This fund is for strike benefits for Members, who are given an option prior to the start of a strike as to the pay-out method. There are a number of options: the first provides for a flat lump sum payment which would give every Member the same amount, the second provides for payment of bills, or a combination of both. The fund was established in 1991, and Local 1101 chose to absorb the 1/4 hour dues rather than pass it on to the membership until 1995.

IB Image

The International Union Share (35.6%):

  • International Union Field Services
  • Data Processing, Governance and Administration
  • Organizing
  • Government Relations and Social Action
  • Communications
  • Affiliations
  • Special Collective Bargaining Assistance
  • Education and Research

Members’ Relief Fund (11.1%)

The Local Union Share (53.3%): (less 50¢ Defense Fund)

  • Representation on day-to-day problems
  • Representation during the grievance procedure
  • Participation in union training programs
  • Local union newspaper and other communications
  • Group benefit plans for members
  • CWA Defense Fund to support us during bargaining
  • Educational programs and publications for union officers, stewards, and members.
  • Programs for creating equal opportunity for all workers regardless of race, sex. age, or national origin.
  • Public relations to improve public understanding of our jobs and our union.
  • Organizing to help new members join the union.
  • Defense fund for the defense and relief of the union, its locals, their members, officers and agents when circumstances arising out of labor disputes make such defense and relief necessary.