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Union Support

Pat McManus, Local 1101 Absence/Disability/Workers Comp. Phone: 212-633-2666, Fax: 212-633-8337

Bill Gross, CWA Health Care Coordinator. Phone: 718-447-6870; Fax: 718-447-7020

Information for Verizon members

Information for AT&T Mobility members

Local 1101 Member Assistance Program

The 1101 Member Assistance Program provides help for members, spouses and children with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment (Inpatient and Outpatient), and problems relating to alcohol, drugs, stress, depression and relationships. All information and conversations are kept strictly confidential.

Contact one of the following CWA Local 1101 MAP representatives:

Mike McElligott (LAP-C) at 914-263-1429

John Yepez (LAP-C) at  718-673-0517

Jim Murphy (LAP-C) at 203-300-6994

Anthony Luciano (LAP-C) at 646-662-9846

Click here to download a flier for the Member Assistance Program.

Mental health/substance abuse programs

Arms Acres 1-888-227-4641

Conifer Park  800-989-6446