Local 1101 Committees

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing the Local's bylaws and developing proposed language for bylaws changes, which are then submitted to the membership for a vote.

The Community Services Committee works to involve the union in the community and join in coalition with other organizations in support of worthwhile causes. 

The Education Committee carries out the Local’s education programs, helps coordinate trainings and workshops and develops educational materials for members and stewards. The Committee also informs members of educational opportunities and benefits available to them.

The Election Committee is responsible for conducting all Local nominations, elections, and referendums in accordance with the CWA Constitution, Bylaws and federal law.

The Equity Committee develops and promotes the CWA Human Rights program by building a union where members of all cultures, religions, sexual orientations, genders, disabilities, ages and nationalities feel welcomed, respected and heard. Click here for the Equity Committee mission statement.

The Finance Committee is comprised of two members from each Vice-Presidential area. The Committee works with the Secretary/Treasurer to assist in the preparation of the Budget and reviews the financial operations of the Local for the past year. The committee shall make a report to the membership on its findings and make recommendations to the membership prior to or at the first membership meeting of the fiscal year.

The Legislation/Politics Committee advances the interests of the union and its members in the legislative field, making sure every member is a registered voter, signing members up for COPE, and helping to coordinate the Local’s legislative activities.

The Membership Committee accepts or rejects applications for membership in the Local in accordance with the CWA Constitution and Local Bylaws and rules of the union.

The Mobilization Committee implements mobilization activities on contract campaigns and workplace issues,  works with other unions and community groups to build public support,  and provides solidarity to other union and community efforts.

The Organizing Committee coordinates members’ and stewards’ involvement in new organizing.  The Committee works on organizing drives, meets with potential members, and helps build new organizing committees.

The Scholarship Committee assists in giving financial assistance to members, retired members, and their immediate families and the immediate family of deceased members of the Local, through the Local 1101 Scholarship Fund awards.

The Women’s  Committee develops and promotes plans to ensure that women are well represented and respected within the Local. The Committee also works to promote women’s leadership development within the Local.