Day 44: One Day Longer One Day Stronger

May 26, 2016. Verizon Vice President Mark Bartolomeo spoke at the Verizon sponsored Techonomy conference at NYU this morning.Local 1101 was there to greet him. We took this picture afterward in Washington Square Park with the Union of Graduate Employees at NYU, who are part of the Verizon Strike Solidarity Committee and brought their awesome banner "Never Cross a Picket Line".

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Democracy Now Reports on Strike

Great scenes from Local 1101 rallies and picket lines. Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez interview Local 1101 member Pam Galpern and District 1 Assistant to the VP Bob Master. One day longer one day stronger. We will win this! Click the headline to see the video.

Union Plus Grants for Strikers with Union Plus Cards

If you have held your union’s Union Plus credit card for 3 months or longer and on strike for 30 days or longer, you could be eligible for a $300 strike grant. Visit to apply or call 1-800-472-2005 ext 835, Click here to download the flier with full list of Union Plus benefits.

CWA Radio Ads Playing Across Northeast & Mid-Atlantic

The system is rigged in favor of big corporations like Verizon. By going on strike workers are fighting for their job security and their futures. 

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Unions & Community Groups Adopt Picket Lines at Verizon Wireless Stores

Unions and community groups across the country are coming out to support our picket lines. Across the U.S groups are Adopting Verizon Wireless Stores and joining the fight.

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Family Strike Rally: Sunday, June 5

Being on strike is a family affair. Sunday, June 5th Local 1101 will hold a Family Strike Rally at 140 West Street, 11am-2pm. Food, music, balloon-making, entertainment and kids activitiies. Bring your family. Save the date, more details to follow. Together we will win this with and for our families!

Local 1101 Strikers Morning Greeting to Verizon CFO Fran Shammo

More than 500 strikers were outside the MoffettNathanson Summit this morning where Fran Shammo was speaking to investors. While Shammo was inside telling investors Verizon was seeing a decline in new customers due to the strike (see article below) strikers were telling our side of the story - bargain a fair contract now!

Do You Have a 401(k) Loan? Make payment arrangements now if you haven't already

You must make scheduled payments on your 401(k) loan during the strike. Call Fidelity at 1-888-457-9333 to set up your payments during the strike. If Fidelity doesn't receive your regularly scheduled payment within 30 days you will receive a notification from Fidelity regarding the missing payment. 

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News Statement: U.S Department of Labor

U.S. Department of Labor | May 15, 2016. Statement of US Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez on the ongoing labor dispute involving Verizon workers. WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Labor today issued the following statement on the ongoing labor dispute involving Verizon workers.

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Signing up for Healthcare in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania & Other States

You must signup before midnight May 15 for coverage to begin June 1. Members who want the security of health insurance during the strike, but do not have serious or chronic conditions that would qualify them for COBRA reimbursement through the CWA member relief fund, can apply for benefits through various programs offered through the federal health care exchange. 

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