Strikers from VZW Stores in Brooklyn Walk the Line in Manhattan

Bianca Cunningham, illegally fired from Verizon Wireless for organizing her co-workers at VZW retail stores in Brooklyn, came to Manhattan last week with a group of fellow strikers. The strikers, members of CWA Local 1109, work in Brooklyn's VZW stores and are on strike for the first time. 

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Discounts on AT&T Mobility Cell Service for Union Members

AT&T Mobility is the only nationally unionized wireless company. AT&T Mobility workers at all AT&T stores in NYC, Westchester, Putnam, Long Island and Northern NJ are Local 1101 members.  Union members save 15% on monthly serive charges of qualified wireless plans.

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CWA District 1 NY/NE Regional Bargaining Report #54, May 7, 2015

Following our meeting with Verizon on Monday, the CWA District 1/IBEW Local 2213 and IBEW New England Regional Committees met with the Company in off record discussions over call sharing.

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Assistance Signing up for Healthcare for Members Who Want Coverage During the Strike

Members who want the security of health insurance during the strike, but do not have serious or chronic conditions that would qualify them for COBRA reimbursement through the CWA member relief fund, can apply for benefits through various programs offered through the health care exchange. The cost for the coverage will be paid by the member. Some of our members have signed up for plans where the cost, with a working spouse, was $46/month. 
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Thousands March Through Lower Manhattan "Don't Cross our Picket Lines at Verizon Wireless"

Thousands of CWA members gathered at 140 West St on May 5. They were joined by brothers and sisters from the Hotel Trades Council, 32BJ, DC37, NYSNA, TWU Local 100, Teamsters, Postal Workers, PSC, State Court Officers, UFCW, UAW, Utility workers, our fellow union members at AT&T Mobility and so many friends and allies to demand Verizon negotiate fair contracts. 

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Media Round Up May 6, 2016

The largest strike in recent history is still going strong with support for nearly 40,000 Verizon workers growing. Yesterday, protests expanded to Verizon wireless stores nationwide, where thousands called for the company to stop outsourcing and offshoring jobs, and 15 protestors were cited by police outside the shareholder meeting. In New York City, more than 2,000 people marched and protested outside a wireless store on Wall Street, while protests continued in Springfield, PAOneonta, NY, and Hartsdale, NY

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Northeast Alliance Credit Union Term Loans

For members with existing accounts; OR open an NEA account now. NEA Federal Credit Union will be offering term loans for members who are affected by the VERIZON Strike. You must have an existing NEA FCU account to apply. Or, you must apply first to open an NEA FCU account, and then apply for the loan.

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American Income National Life Insurance

Premium can be waived for up to 12 months during a strike. American Income/National Income Life Insurance Company will waive the premium for up to 12 months during a strike. The waiver applies to policies which were in force for 90 days prior to the strike. If the premium is being waived on a policy on which the striking union member is the insured, waiver will also apply to otherwise qualifying policies on which the union member's spouse is the insured.

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Local 1101 Members Travel to Albuquerque for Shareholders Meeting

Local 1101 members Fitz Boyce, Phil Cruzado, Pat Hunt, Kim Marshall, and VinnyToretta traveled to Albuquerque New Mexico as part of a CWA contingent which descended on the Verizon shareholders meeting May 5.

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Dutch Nightly News on Bronx March & Rally

CWA Local 1101 Strikers are everywhere - even on the evening news in Holland! Go to time 4:18 for coverage of our march and rally in the Bronx on April 20

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