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Tentative Agreement Reached with AT&T Mobility

From CWA District 1, Aug 3, 2016. Washington, D.C. -- The Communications Workers of America AT&T Mobility National Benefits Bargaining committee has reached a new tentative agreement with AT&T Mobility covering 42,000 workers. This proposed national agreement covers health care and other benefits.

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AT&T Mobility Workers Message to Management: "We Want Change"

CWA members at AT&T Mobility across the East Coast are sending management a clear message: "We want change".  A thousand members signed recently signed a petition to management, demanding that AT&T Mobility: Remove WTR from our pay, Remove the cap on commissions. Reinstate the previous point system for absences.

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Members Vote to Reject AT&T Mobility National Bargained Benefit Plan

The results of the Mobility National Bargained Benefit Plan Agreement ratification vote are official. Members voted to reject the NBBP Agreement, with 55.05% voting no, and 44.95% voting yes. Information about next steps will be put out when it is available. Information about the Agreement that was voted down can still be found on the web page.  

CWA/ AT&T Mobility National Bargained Benefit Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding with the details of the Agreement can be found at

CWA/ AT&T Mobility National Bargained Benefit Bargaining Report #13 May 27

This week the Committee made progress towards a deal that will provide better affordability and more healthcare options for our members at Mobility; including Puerto Rico. The Committee is currently making plans to travel to New York City to meet with AT&T and finalize details of our understanding at the District One office.

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CWA/ AT&T Mobility National Bargained Benefit Bargaining Report #11 May 6, 2016

We ended the week not much further along than we were in our last report.  AT&T has yet to make a proposal that we can work with to fix the unfair contribution costs being paid in Puerto Rico.  We still have not agreed on contribution costs in the final years of this agreement, and have not seen a company proposal with the language we need to “unwind” this NBBP agreement that prevents us from bargaining our wages and healthcare together. 

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CWA/ AT&T Mobility National Bargained Benefit Bargaining #10

May 3, 2016. The CWA Bargaining Committee met via phone conference this week along with the CWA Research Department in assessing the latest company numbers for contribution costs.

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Justice at AT&T Mobility Petition

Click here for the petition. We are about to take a big step toward justice at AT&T Mobility. We are circulating the following petition at all AT&T Mobility work locations.

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CWA/ AT&T Mobility National Bargained Benefit Bargaining Report #9, April 28, 2016

The CWA committee met with AT&T this week in Austin, Texas in hopes of reaching a fair agreement.  While AT&T did make forward movement on a couple of issues that are important to our members we are still apart on employee contributions, the cost situation in Puerto Rico and unwinding the National Bargained Benefit Plan.  

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CWA/ AT&T Mobility National Bargained Benefit Bargaining Report #7 April 15, 2016

The CWA bargainers met with the Company via phone conferences this week and we continue to pass proposals and review information to find a way to keep costs down for our members.  While we have made progress in getting more options and healthcare choices on the table, we are very far apart on the costs; especially for how AT&T prices the HMOs.  Our committee remains available for AT&T to meet with us next week. 

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