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CWA ATT Mobility National Bargained Benefit Report #2

March 3, 2016. The CWA Bargaining Committee met via phone conference this week to discuss the Company's proposal and continues to review data from the company.  We will meet as a committee and with the Company bargainers next week.

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CWA ATT Mobility NBBP Bargaining Report #1

The CWA and Company bargaining teams met via phone conference today to kick off bargaining for a successor agreement for healthcare benefits.  This NBBP Agreement covers all four CWA contracts with Mobility. Both CWA and AT&T made opening remarks.  Our committee told the Company that we are seeking to make the healthcare more affordable and ensure that all Mobility members, no matter where they live and work, have access to a good provider network.

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FCC to Fine AT&T $100 Million for Slowing Speeds

The Federal Communications Commission said Wednesday it plans to fine AT&T Mobility $100 million for misleading customers about its "unlimited" mobile data plans, imposing the agency's largest proposed fine ever in alleging that the carrier "severely" slowed down the data speeds for customers with such plans.

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ATT National Account Reps Vote to Join CWA Local 1101

Workers at AT&T Mobility National Retail group in Paramus just voted 16-12 to join CWA Local 1101. These workers are demanding respect and dignity at work and will soon elect a negotiating team, conduct bargaining surveys and head to the bargaining table.

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AT&T Mobility Annual Enrollment Period Oct 6-17

The AT&T Mobility annual enrollment period opens October 6 and closes on Oct. 17. The time is now – take control, and enroll. You can enroll in your 2015 benefits from just about anywhere.

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AT&T Lays Off 400 members in IL & CA; Tell AT&T Regional President That's Wrong

Last week, AT&T closed the doors on a call center in Springfield, IL. This week, two more call centers in Atwater, CA shuttered. That's almost another 400 jobs gone in one fell swoop. Jobs for your brothers and sisters that no longer exist.

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