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Happy Thirty Year Anniversary of the 1989 NYNEX Strike!

This week marks the 30-year anniversary of 60,000 NYNEX workers across New York and New England walking off the job in a historic strike. The company tried unsuccessfully to shift health care costs to workers, but the strikers held strong for 17 weeks and beat back the concessions.

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African American Day Parade is Sunday, September 15

Join CWA Local 1101, CWA District 1, unions, cultural, civic and community organizations for the 50th annual African American Day Parade up Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. 

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NYC Labor Day Parade is Saturday, September 7

Saturday, September 7, 2019 - New York City Labor Day Parade. Join CWA Local 1101, CWA District 1, unions and community groups from across the city for the Labor Day Parade up Fifth Avenue.  

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President Shelton: We Must Focus Our Anger on the 1%, Not on Each Other

At the 2019 CWA Convention in Las Vegas, CWA members from every sector and district came together to discuss and make decisions about the union's future and how to make CWA STRONG, held national and district elections, recognized locals for their organizing accomplishments, and much more.

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CWA Locals Honored for Organizing Efforts at 2019 CWA Convention

Since the last CWA convention, CWA locals from around the country brought in over 4,500 new members through external organizing campaigns. At the 2019 CWA Convention, locals received organizing awards in honor of their extraordinary work, including CWA Local 1101!

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2019 CWA Convention Delegates Elect National and District Leaders

CWA delegates from across the country are gathered in Las Vegas for the 2019 CWA Convention. Delegates, representing the union's 700,000 strong membership, elected the following national and district leaders.

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Family & Friends Cookout Saturday, August 10

Join us Saturday, August 10 for a Family and Friends cookout at Franklin D Roosevelt State Park. Bring your family and friends! Park amenities include playgrounds, swimming pool, fishing, hiking, trails, playing fields and courts.

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NY Legislative Victories - We Helped Make it Happen!

In 2018 CWA helped elect a pro-worker New York State Senate. In 2019, the NYS Legislature passed 30 pro-worker bills. We helped make it happen! Click the flyer to see some of the highlights. Visit www.bit.ly/legvictories to see the full list. 

Local 1101 & 1105 Memberships to Vote on Proposed Merger

CWA Local 1101 and CWA Local 1105 members will be voting soon on whether Local 1105 should merge into Local 1101. CWA Local 1105 currently represents more than 1700 members in the commercial, communication and sales departments at Verizon. 

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New Local 1101 Generator is Out!

The new Local 1101 Generator is out, and was mailed to members' homes last week. News from different workplaces, employers, and activities across the Local.  Check it out online here. Stay active, stay informed, stay strong. We are 1101!

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