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Dates for Verizon payouts

Brothers & Sisters: The dates for negotiated payouts from Verizon are as follows: Lumps sum for Absence: March 1, 2019; Corporate Profit Sharing: March 8, 2019; Restricted Stock Plan: March 22, 2019. Keith Purce, President, CWA Local 1101.

New Edition of the Generator is Out!

The new issue of the Local 1101 newsletter is out. Lots going on at the Local! If you didn't get it in the mail at home yet, you should soon. You can also read the Generator online by clicking here.

Commemorating Dr Martin Luther King, Jr

Dr King Knew That Labor Rights Are Human Rights. By John Nichols. This article was published in The Nation magazine on April 3, 2018, the 50 year anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King Jr's murder. The civil-rights leader was proud to rally with public workers and to connect their struggle with the struggle for a fair and equitable economy.

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You can now deduct your union dues from your state income taxes

As a result of the legislation passed and signed into law in April 2017, union members in the state of New York will have the opportunity to deduct their union dues from their state income taxes.

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Local 1101 PPA Membership meeting

All Parking Production Assistants - Join us on Tuesday, January 29 at 6pm-8pm for a membership meeting at the High School of Fashion Industries, 225 West 24 Street, between 7 & 8 Avenues in Manhattan. For more information call 212-633-2666.

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Help Stop Voting Rights Abuses! Contact your Congressperson today

Corporate CEOs and the wealthiest 1% have spent decades rigging the system to reduce our power. That has made it harder and harder to pass legislation that helps working people and makes a real difference in our lives. 

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Stop Discrimination & Harassment of Workers at VZW contracted warehouses!

CWA 1101 members and retirees joined Teamsters and community organizers at a recent action at Verizon Wireless to protest conditions in the Verizon supply chain.

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CWA calls on Congress to investigate AT&T during tax oversight effort

CWA sent a letter on January 3, 2019 to Congressman Richard Neal (D-MA), the current ranking member and incoming Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, urging the congressman to investigate how AT&T and other major corporations are spending the enormous tax cut benefits they received from the 2018 tax bill. 

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Spectrum Workers are still on strike

CWA Locals 1101, 1180 and District 1 supporting Spectrum workers at a recent strike rally. News: Charter/Spectrum Cable agrees to $174M settlement for misleading customers on internet speed. 

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PPAs Vote YES on First Contract!

November 30, 2018. Local 1101 is excited to announce that the Parking Production Assistants have ratified their Collective Bargaining Agreement with an overwhelming YES vote. 

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