CWA Endorsements for NY State Legislators

We're especially proud to stand behind our own CWA Local 1106 brother, Anthony Eramo, for New York Assembly. This is an amazing opportunity to elect a rank and file union member who will fight for working people.

We're proud to endorse the following challengers for State Senate and Assembly:
Anthony Eramo, AD 20; Nantasha Williams, AD 33; Tremaine Wright, AD 56; Bill Batrowny, AD 124; Monica Wallace, AD 143; Jim Guaghron, SD 5; Ryan Cronin, SD 6; Adam Haber, SD 7; Micah Lasher, SD 31; Jamaal Bailey, SD 36; Andy Falk, SD 40, Chris Eachus, SD 39; Terry Gipson, SD 41; Sara Niccoli, SD 46; Leslie Danks-Burke, SD 58; Amber Small, SD 60; Tom Loughran, SD 61; and Rafael Salamanca NYC City Council 17

In addition to the District 1 endorsements, CWA Local 1101 is endorsing Paul Newell, AD 65.

We are proud to endorse the following incumbents in competitive races for State Senate and Assembly:
Phil Ramos, AD 6; Pamela Harris, AD 46; Latrice Walker, AD 55; Deborah Glick, AD 66; Victor Pichardo, AD 86; Todd Kaminsky, SD 9; James Sanders, Jr., SD 10; Toby Anne Stavisky, SD 16; and Gustavo Rivera; SD 33

They have been the progressive force in Albany improving the lives of all workers across New York State. They stood with us in the fight against Verizon corporate greed, put patients over profits supporting safe staffing, and fought for $15 minimum wage and paid family leave

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