Local 1101 Scholarship Award Winners 2016

The number of scholarships awarded each year is determined by the Executive Board based on the funds available. This year sixteen scholarships were awarded.

Ed Dempsey Scholarship Award: 1 recipient will receive a one-time payment of $5000.

Local 1101 Scholarship Award: 15 recipients will receive $1000 each.

Congratulations to the winners. Listed below in alphabetical order
Award   Winner   Parent/ Sponsor/ Member
Dempsey $5,000 Lacey Straham George
1101 $1,000 Bridget Borbor Jose
  $1,000 Carl Devis Yves
  $1,000 Jeromy DiGiacomo Joe
  $1,000 Ceire Fitzpatrick Conrad
  $1,000 Salvatore Fratto Dino
  $1,000 Kelly Freer Terrance
  $1,000 Victoria Isaac Jamar
  $1,000 Kyle Kenny Kevin
  $1,000 Victoria Marcune Karen
  $1,000 Evangelica Pelidis Elias
  $1,000 Jessica Ribeiro Joseph
  $1,000 Joseph Salzo Christopher
  $1,000 Andrew  So Debra
  $1,000 James Turturo Jim
  $1,000 Christina Von Dietsch Self
All Scholarships are a 1 time payment