Updated Oct 5: Important Information for Retirees on Medicare Advantage Implementation

Medicare Advantage plan - Coverage for Verizon East Associate retirees

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Find out where to view plan details and costs, and see what additional benefits may be available.

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How do I find a provider?

Get information on how to receive medical services from your provider based on your plan type.

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Need additional information?

Learn more about the Medicare program, file an appeal or grievance, report fraud or abuse and get contact information.

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Verizon Advantage Plan Overview

Find out more about your Verizon Advantage Plan by watching this presentation.

Verizon Advantage Plan Presentation

Please note: Two additional Bronx meetings have been added to the schedule. 

December 1: 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm

December 2: 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm

Location for Dec 1 & Dec 2 meetings: Residence Inn, New York, The Bronx at Metro Center Atrium. 1776 Eastchester Rd, Bronx NY  10461.

September 26 Call center opens; Retiree website goes live (uhcretiree.com/verizon); Verizon Advantage Guides mail (from Verizon)

September 30 Recorded online presentation (brainshark) goes live on retiree website

September 30 Recorded teleconference becomes available

October 3 and 4 Pre-Enrollment packet mails (from UHC)

October 10 – November 18 Live retiree meetings

October 18 – December 1 Teleconferences

November 7 – November 18 Annual Enrollment

Week of December 12 ID Cards Mail (from UHC)

Week of December 19 Post-enrollment packet mails (from UHC)

Retiree Education Campaign

1. Live Meetings

a. There will be 141 live meetings between 10/10-11/18. See Retiree Live Meeting Locations for a full list of meeting locations, dates, and times.

2. Teleconferences (audio only)

a. There will be 36 teleconferences. See Retiree Teleconferences for a full list of teleconference dates & times.

• One teleconference will be offered to each retiree
• Teleconferences for retirees without a live meeting available will be scheduled between 10/18-11/16. See page 1 of Retiree Teleconference

• All other retirees will be able to attend teleconferences between 11/21 – 12/1. See page 2 of Retiree Teleconferences 

c. Teleconferences will be a 40 minute presentation followed by 20 minutes of live FAQ

• Following the 20 min FAQ session, retirees will be advised to call customer service with any additional questions

3. Recorded Teleconference available 24/7 (audio only)

a. A pre -recorded teleconference will be available at retiree convenience starting 9/30

b. To access the pre-recorded teleconference call: 866-505-9259; Passcode: 4601

4. Recorded online presentation available 24/7 (audio/visual)
a. Recorded online presentation (brainshark) will be available at retiree convenience starting 9/30

b. The presentation will be hosted on: uhcretiree.com/verizoneast

Click here for the list of live meetings.

Click here for the list of teleconference calls for retirees without live meetings.