CWA Local 1101 PPA Bargaining Report, Oct 11, 2018

The Union and the members of the Bargaining Committee are aware that a lot of false information is being spread in an effort to undermine the bargaining process and the unity among the PPAs. To be clear, the Union has not turned down any substantial wage package from the Producers. In fact, one of the main sticking points so far has been the Producer’s refusal to offer a fair and equitable wage. However, the last round of bargaining was the most productive yet and there has been positive movement on many issues.

Do not rely on information you are hearing “on the street”, the bargaining reports are the only source for accurate information. You can also contact your fellow PPAs who sit on the committee and they will dispel any rumors that are out there.

We will continue to fight for the fair contract that you deserve. Depending on how discussions progress of the next several weeks, we may need everyone to mobilize and show the Producers we are unified and ready to fight for what we deserve. Bargaining can be a long and frustrating process and we appreciate your support. We will put out another Bargaining Report as soon as more information becomes available.