Verizon HRA cards must be used by Dec 31, 2018

Unused 2012 benefits were rolled over in 2016, and the 2016 benefit of $250 was added onto the same card.

HRA can be used to pay for eligible health care expenses that are not covered, or only partially covered, by medical, prescription, dental or visions plans. Some examples of eligible health care expenses include: copays, amounts paid toward deductible or coinsurance, prescription drugs, vision expenses, dental and orthodonia expenses, medical supplies and equipment.
To view or manager your HRA, log on to Benefits Connection and select VISIT Spending Accounts. From the Spending Account home page, select ACCOUNTS from the top menu bar.

You call Benefits Connection at 855-489-2367 if you have questions or need to know if you have any remaining balance. For balance follow the prompts for HRA>account balance>current year balance.