CWA Reaches Tentative Agreement for PPAs - Details below!

In February, PPAs gained that voice with an historic unanimous vote to join CWA. Since then CWA and your bargaining committee have been fighting at the bargaining table for a contract that provides you with the respect you deserve and treats you in a similar manner as the rest of the unionized workers in the industry. Today, we are able to report that we have reached a tentative agreement with the AMPTP, covering your work with 27 employers. We achieved our goals. This agreement contains a substantial increase in wages, provides healthcare benefits, retirement security and gives us the foundation to build on in the future. This Agreement is subject to a ratification vote by the members. CWA Local 1101 will be holding three meetings in the NYC area to explain the contract and conduct the vote. Further information regarding the tentative agreement and the details of the meetings will follow. CWA Local 1101 is PROUD to have its newest members covered under this contract (pending ratification) and looks forward to building a strong unit that can build on these accomplishments. In Solidarity; Your Bargaining Committee Click below for details of the Tentative Agreement between CWA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.