VZ CEO agrees that Verizon Wireless workers have a right to join unions

We have some really exciting news: Verizon faced the heat today from Verizon Wireless workers at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in Orlando, Florida. Jennifer Womack a call center in Irving, Texas, took a brave stand to face Verizon Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg and ask him point blank, once and for all: why is Verizon so scared of workers joining a union?

Jennifer had a frank, direct conversation with Mr. Vestberg in which she detailed the struggles faced by Verizon Wireless workers, including the intense pressure put on them by the company to hit unattainable goals and being thrown into new responsibilities with little or no training.

“Inadequate training, scheduled workdays being changed with little notice at all, medical leave not being paid. And then also retaliation. We've had some meetings [with management] about not meeting with the union, not talking to the union, and we feel like we're being harassed and bullied."

Mr. Vestburg responded by noting that "We're all here to make the company better," and went on to commit that, "Employees have all the right to [join unions]. And of course we are supporting whatever decision you're making."

In addition to Jennifer and other VZW workers, the Communications Workers of America presented a shareholder proposal calling for an independent board chair, highlighting the need for oversight and accountability as the company undertakes risky new business strategies and internal restructuring.