Safe Staffing Saves Lives. Help us get it passed!

Right now, the Department of Health is conducting a study about staffing levels in hospitals and nursing homes, set to be complete at the end of this month. Our members know firsthand what happens when there aren't enough nurses to care for the patient load. The results can be disastrous - both for the patients and for the workers.

We need to take action now.

CLICK HERE to send a quick email to NY DOH Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker to tell him how important Safe Staffing ratios are for healthcare workers and their patients!

(The link contains a sample email and will send your email straight to Dr. Zucker - all you have to do is put your name and address in)

With the DOH study scheduled to be completed in just a few weeks, this is our last chance to have an impact on the report.

This is a public study being conducted by the DOH - meaning they want to hear from us. CWA members have already given testimony at public hearings, because it’s important that we make our voices heard as loudly and strongly as possible. Our calls and emails have a huge impact, so we need everyone to take two minutes to send a quick email.

Photo: Elizabeth Maghliocca of Conifer Park and Valerie Smith of Arms Acres testified at the New York State Department of Health hearing in October.