We Need To Use The National Defense Production Act NOW.

They, like healthcare workers across the country, are the very front-line of the crisis.

We're sure you've seen the dire news about shortages at hospitals and health care facilities. As COVID-19 related hospitalizations soar, hospitals and other health care institutions suffer from criminal shortages of N95 respirators, surgical masks, protective gowns, latex gloves and other protective equipment. There is a desperate shortage of ventilators.

The President can invoke the National Defense Production Act (NDPA), which allows him to order U.S. manufacturers to produce the goods desperately needed to meet the crisis. In World War II, the government overnight switched the auto industry into the “Arsenal for Democracy,” changing from production of passenger cars to tanks, jeeps, and military aircraft.

We need that response now.

Please take a minute to sign this petition, telling President Trump to use the National Defense Protection Act now.

Thank you.