Local 1101 Election Results

Vice Presidents Mike Baxter, Pat LaScala, and Al Russo, and Business Agents Kathy Brindle and Joe Ventola ran unopposed.

We're facing huge challenges to protect our jobs and our contracts. We'll face those challenges head on. To win we need to stand together and fight. I know I can count on all of you.

Thank you to everyone who voted.

Keith Purce, President


The American Arbitration Association has certified the results of the CWA Local 1101 Officers Election.


Keith Purce  - 1449

Angel Feliciano - 835


Kevin Condy - 1544

Richard Mancino - 724

Business Agent Northern 

Peter Torres- 1497

Henry Robinson - 746

Business Agent Eastern 

Val Valentino - 1540

John Joseph- 686

Business Agent Western 

Ken Beckett- 1453

Donnie Hoffman- 662

Business Agent AT&T Mobility/Avaya

Heather Trainor - 1520

Doug Grant - 604

Vice President Northern

Mike Baxter (unopposed)

Vice President Southern  

Al Russo (unopposed)  

Vice President Bronx

Pat LaScala (unopposed)

Business Agent Health and Education

Kathy Brindle (unopposed)

Business Agent Southern

Bill Stefandel (unopposed) 

Business Agent Bronx 

Joe Ventola (unopposed)