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Title Type Description
Anticipated Disability Form Verizon
Employer Unfair Labor Practices
Dependent Care Reimbursement Fund Application 2019 (VZ)
Dependent Care Reimbursement Fund Monthly Reimbursement form 2019 (VZ)
FMLA Forms (Verizon)
1101 Change of Address Form
Grievance Form ATT Mobility
Grievance Form IGT
Grievance Form USIC
Grievance Form Verizon
Grievance Form pg 2
Information Request Form
Payroll Action Form & Instructions VZ
Payroll Voucher
PPA Grievance Form
PPA Membership Application & Dues Deduction
Retirement Trust Form
Sedgwick Attending Physician Statement
Sedgwick Attending Physician Statement for Behavioral Health
Steward Certification
Statement of Occurence
Statement of Occurence (cont)
Summer Camp Reimbursement Program for Verizon Workers Flyer 2019
Summer Camp Reimbursement Program for Verizon workers Application 2019
NY/NE Regional Work & Family Health & Wellness Program 2019