2019 ATTM Annual Open Enrollment

In addition, there are tools to use to calculate future out of pocket expenses and systems changes that will hopefully make it easier to navigate this years' enrollment process.

* Previously the annual enrollment was spread out for employees/retirees. Each identified population was given a two week enrollment window and a two week corrections period. The first wave typically started in early October and the last in November or December. Now everyone enrolls in one large wave, starting October 1 and going through until November 16, giving employees/retirees seven weeks to enroll. There will no longer be a corrections period, but employees now have seven weeks instead of two weeks to research and make decisions on which plans they want to enroll in.

* A new tool to make decisions is available.  All Employees will now have additional information about projected out-of-pocket spend under their various medical plan options based on their actual claims experience (where available). Employees will be asked to confirm their doctors and input items such as anticipated one-time events (knee surgery, pregnancy, etc.) that may influence their claims, and the tool will rank their medical plan options from lowest to highest out-of-pocket spend.  This will allow for better planning and decisions by employees.

* Previously employees were sent a link, via email, to a PDF Annual Enrollment Guide. This time the information will be in the AT&T Benefits Center.  Note: The Open Enrollment content was made available on the AT&T Benefits Center website for the participants and dependents to review beginning on 9/24.