Congratulations and thank you to our new retirees!

Thank you for the many long days and nights you spent on the picket lines. Thank you for following the work, picketing the garages and the central offices and the stores and the manholes and the buildings. Thank you for making the Flying Circus an 1101 household name. Thank you for the rallies you attended, the phone calls you made, the grievances you filed, the grievances you sat, and the arguments you had with out-of-line supervisors.

Thank you for wearing red on Thursdays and showing management through your words and actions, big and small, that we are united and we will stand together no matter what the company throws at us. Thank you for coming to work every day or every night and doing the work to make this company as profitable as it is, and for giving your all to the customers. Thank you for the solidarity you’ve shown your union brothers and sisters throughout the years. 

What do you say to the people who have helped make our union as strong as it is? THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS AND WE WILL CARRY ON THE TRADITION.

Remember the retirees who info picketed the garages prior to the 2011 and 2016 strikes?  If you look at pictures of our rallies and marches and protests you’ll see retirees are at every one. Local 1101 and CWA District 1 have strong retiree chapters. We’re happy you are moving on to a new phase. But we know we will see you again, BECAUSE YOU ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE 1101! THANK YOU.

Your CWA Local 1101 Executive Board