CWA Local 1101 and a Giant Rat Expose USICs Mistreatment of Workers

USIC management still refuses to bargain a fair contract for the NYC and Long Island locators who joined CWA Local 1101 last year. Instead, the company is paying thousands of dollars each bargaining session to a union-busting attorney who refuses to listen to the workers’ concerns.

Locators are working hard across NYC and Long Island to make sure no utility company digs where they shouldn’t, causing damage and unsafe conditions. But USIC is refusing to negotiate long overdue wage increases for hard working employees. Instead, they’re spending their time trying to convince the workers that USIC will take care of them, and that they don’t need a united voice through a union. If USIC was going to do the right thing by the workers, wouldn’t they have done it by now?

The company is trying so hard and spending so much money to get rid of the union. Maybe that’s because they know that workers in a union shop have more job security, better wages and benefits, and more time off than workers in non-union shops. Why else would they fight so hard to keep the union out?

Management’s attempt to get locators to sign the decertification petition is failing miserably. Reports from inside the USIC meetings on January 11 and 12 made that clear. Outside, Local 1101 Vice President Al Russo, Business Agents Val Valentino and Bill Stefandel and Local 1101 Chiefs Stewards and Stewards kept up the noise and the chants. “What’s disgusting? Union busting!” “What do we want?” CONTRACT. “When do we want it? NOW!”

The next bargaining session is Tuesday, January 31 at 6pm at the Courtyard Marriot (9010 Ditmars Blvd, East Elmhurst, NY).  All USIC members are encouraged to attend. Let’s show USIC we are united and we are ready and willing to fight for a fair contract.


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