Local 1101 testifies at NYC Council Hearing; Suffolk County passes sleep requirement

No-one knows better than USIC workers how important adequate sleep and training are to making sure we can perform our jobs safely. Local 1101 Vice President Al Russo and Local 1101 member and locator Xavier Maynard testified in front of the City Council in support of Intro 946 and 947.

Maynard, who worked for USIC for three years, spoke from personal experience. "We are the people who make sure that when our streets are dug up, your neighbors are protected from gas main explosions or electrical or phone outages."
Russo talked about the dangers posed when workers are forced to work an on-call shift on the heels of a regular shift, and how on-the-job training has been reduced in recent years. "We need to make sure that the workers performing this critical service to New York City have the protections they need to best do their job and serve the City," Russo testified.

We've also been working to get similar legislation passed in Long Island. With help from our friends in CWA Local 1108, we're thrilled to report that last week IR 1742 passed in Suffolk County! That legislation requires 8 hours rest after on-call emergency assignments for utility workers. When we fight, we win!