President Shelton: We Must Focus Our Anger on the 1%, Not on Each Other

In his keynote address, CWA President Chris Shelton outlined the three key challenges facing CWA today: overcoming the divisions which split the unity of the working class, building workplace power and strengthening the union, and electing a pro-worker government in November 2020.

Shelton urged CWA delegates "in the fierce urgency of now," to "stand with me to make the changes we need to strengthen our union, stand with me to take back the Congress, stand with me to take back 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, stand with me to take back America from the racists and the billionaires, and stand with me to build a country that gives every working person a shot at the dignity and decency they deserve."

Shelton also rebuked President Trump for trying to turn working people against each other with his racist taunts of Democratic congresswomen of color, and made it clear that CWA will take a strong stand against racism and hatred.

"When we allow ourselves to be divided, we become weaker just when we most need our united power to protect the working class," said Shelton. "Who is to blame then, for our stagnant wages, our vanishing jobs, and our crumbling communities? It's not other working people, no matter where they come from or how they got here. It's the billionaires, the banks, and the corporations, and their policies that crush the hopes of those struggling to realize the American dream. Our job is to focus our anger on the 1% and fight for our fair share of the wealth — not be diverted into fighting for crumbs amongst the 99%."

After Shelton's speech, many CWA delegates stood up and showed their support in front of the stage, carrying signs that said "CWA STRONG Against Racism," and "CWA STRONG for Justice."

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