Stop Discrimination & Harassment of Workers at VZW contracted warehouses!

Workers at a Verizon-contracted warehouse operated by XPO Logistics in Memphis, Tennessee are speaking out about pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, and anti-union policies in the Verizon supply chain.

Workers were denied light duty assignements during their pregnancies and were made to continue lifting heavy boxes over long shifts. Five women lost at least one pregnancy while working at the facilitity.

Eight workers filed EEOC charges alleging that supervisors at the facility groped and sexually harassed them on the job, and then retaliated against some of the women when they reported the harassment.

XPO Logistics has an aggressive anti-union policy. Since 2014, XPO workers have filed 120 unfair labor practice charges, alleging that the company has violated federal labor law.

Tell Verizon and XPO: We want fair supply chains now! Sign the petition!

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Photos: Colin Hull, Rachel Van Raan, Ron Van Long