Vote YES on NYC Ballot Measures

All three will greatly increase democracy in New York City if they pass, which is why CWA is encouraging you to vote YES on all of them:

Question 1: Lowering NYC Campaign Contribution Limits and Increasing Public Funds Matching Program
Vote YES to amend the city charter to lower the amount that candidates for city office may accept from donors.

A YES vote would also increase the public matching funds - from the current 6:1 match on individual contributions to an 8:1 match - available to candidates participating in the city’s campaign finance program. These changes would make our public campaign finance system the best in the country. It will help get big money out of politics and make sure elected officials answer to us, not to wealthy donors and huge corporations capable of contributing thousands of dollars.

Question 2: New York Civic Engagement City Commission Charter Amendment
Vote YES to make voting in NYC easier and more accessible for all.

A YES vote would create a new Civic Engagement Commission dedicated to enhancing voter participation in NYC, including partnering with community organizations to develop strategies for increasing turnout, and working to expand citizen participation in the city’s participatory budget process. The goal is to get more New Yorkers’ involved - and that’s what democracy is all about.

Question 3: New York Community Boards City Charter Amendment
Vote YES to establish term limits for community board members and make board appointments more transparent.

A YES vote would establish a four term limit (8 years) for community board members in order to create opportunities for new voices and leaders to play leadership roles. A YES vote would also add new application and reporting requirements for board appointments to create more transparency, as well as provide additional resources to boards so that they can more effectively serve their communities.