Winning Big for Labor - CWA Endorsements

In New York City, working people have the opportunity to elect leaders this year who value and support the work we do. There are several great pro-labor candidates on the ballot this year, as well as proposals that will have a huge impact on how our city functions (so make sure you flip your ballot!)

  • Public Advocate (City-wide): Jumaane Williams
  • City Council District 45 (Brooklyn): Farah Louis
  • YES on Question 1 (City-wide): Ranked Choice Voting

Not in New York City? Take a look at who else we’re endorsing in New York State here >>

These local elections are incredibly important in determining how our communities are run, and it’s vital that we make sure that we have elected leaders who will put working people first. EVERY vote will count. Make sure you cast your’s.

Find your Nov 5 Election Day polling site here: