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Sponsored by Local 1101, our RMC, Chapter 149, was chartered in 1993.  Reactivated over ten years ago, the CWA Local 1101 RMC welcomes all CWA retirees to all its meetings. Since Locals 1105 and 1102 merged into Local 1101, our chapter is now the official home for retirees from all three Locals. We met more or less monthly for eight years at Local 1101 in Manahttan and at the American Legion in the Bronx. During the worst of Covid we met monthly online via Zoom, meeting in person at outdoor rallies and picket lines, and now hybrid, on zoom and in person..

We discovered that meeting on Zoom allowed retirees who moved away to Florida, Arizona, and upstate New York to participate in our chapter. So our plan going forward is to have hybrid meetings that are both in person and on line. However it works out, we will continue to support our union, protect our benefits, and stay in touch with each other.

All meetings are open to all retirees but you must sign up to receive the zoom invitations.

Meetings are usually on Wednesdays at 1 pm

Click on this link for our ByLaws: 

Local 1101 RMC By-Laws

Send us an 

Do you know any 1101 1105 1102 retirees, new or old, who are not on our email list?
They can sign up by going to this link:
Fill out the info under "Stay Informed"
Fill out cell phone section to receive text messages
Where it asks "Which email list would you like to join?" Scroll down the list and choose "retirees"
Click on "Add your name"