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Medicare Website: Click Here

Medicare Rights Center: Click Here or phone 800-333-4114

Signing Up for Medicare

If you are a retiree receiving your health insurance from Verizon, you will go on Medicare when you turn 65. Verizon retirees in District 1 receive their Medicare through their Medicare Advantage plan. If you have this coverage, use your Medicare Advantage plan card. Do NOT use your Medicare card or you will risk losing your Verizon benefits.

If you are already collecting Social Security or sign up to collect when you turn 65, you will be automatically signed up for Medicare. 

If not, you have to sign up for Parts A and B, which you can do online or at a Social Security office. You can sign up anytime from 3 months before to 3 months after you turn 65. After that there is a penalty.

Part A is free and covers hospitals, home health care, and some nursing home care.

Part B covers doctors, lab tests, and supplies such as wheelchairs. You have to pay a premium for Part B, usually $149.50 per month, to Medicare (not Verizon). If you are collecting SS, it will be deducted from your check. Otherwise you have to make arrangements to pay. See the website for ways to do this. Verizon reimburses part of this payment

There is also a Part D for drugs but DO NOT sign up for this. It is already included in the benefits we receive from Verizon.

Medicare Part D Premiums

Some retirees will be seeing what Medicare calls a "high earner" Medicare Part D premium. As background, Verizon is required to comply with CMS regulations associated with offering a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. The regulations provide for an additional Part D premium for "high earners." Similar to Medicare Part B, Medicare Part D premiums are based on the Part B income thresholds. The Social Security Administration determines individual's obligations based on the beneficiary's tax return 2 years prior. Premium adjustments may change each year.

Additional Medicare Part D premiums associated with their enrollment in the Verizon Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. The company is currently implementing a quarterly process targeted for April to reimburse retirees for their first quarter amounts.

Further questions can be directed to Verizon Benefits at 1-855-489-2367

To apply for Medicare, call (1-800-772-1213) or visit their website: