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Scroll down for information about benefits. Remember that benefits are different for different retirees, depending on NCSD, date of hire, date of retirement, employer.

VERIZON RETIREES: When you are about to turn 65, whether or not you opt to take Social Security at 65, remember to sign up for Medicare Part A and Part B ONLY.

DO NOT SIGN UP FOR Part D. We get that through Verizon (Drug Plan). Signing up for Part D can jeopardize your entire Verizon medical benefits package.

Due to changes in the law from the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) you may sometimes see your Verizon drug coverage referred to as Part D

No deadline on open enrollment for Verizon Retirees. If you like your current plan YOU DON"T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING

Questions? Email to:

Medicare Part B costs and Social Security are issues with the Federal Government, not Verizon. Check with Social Security and Medicare first if you have questions about costs or coverage.

Some Verizon retirees may have received a letter from Verizon benefits concerning the healthcare marketplace. Under the affordable care act, Verizon is legally obligated to send this letter out to notify retirees of the healthcare marketplace. This letter is nothing more than that, union retirees are covered by a collective-bargaining agreement, their healthcare benefits remain the same. No action is required or recommended.