1101 Retirees

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Pat Welsh and Tom Smucker at the 2022 Verizon Stockholders meeting in Dallas, Texas May 12.

For decades, when our companies' telecommunications equipment had to be moved, it's been done by CWA-represented workers, ensuring the safety and quality of the work. One Touch Make Ready allows other companies (and their contractors) to move existing Verizon equipment - whether they're experienced with that equipment or not - and put our jobs at risk. Click the story headline to help stop this!
We had a lot of big wins in the 2022 budget fight. We won labor standards for $1.6 billion in broadband funding, billions for hospital funding to support health care workers, and full funding for the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies. How? Thanks to members' participation and hard work.

March 25 and 1101-1105 CWA Retirees were back at Park Ave and 68th Street in Manhattan. Don't let them break up GE and sell it off to the hedge funds and financial giants.

After the last several weeks in which CWA members have made hundreds of calls and sent thousands of emails to advocate for our priorities in the New York State budget, the NYS legislature settled on a final budget - and we won on several major campaigns.
We take this opportunity to celebrate the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman confirmed to the United States Supreme Court. This historic moment will be cemented in the minds of women and young girls for generations to come.
The Verizon shareholders is May 12, 2022 in Irving Texas. Click the story headline for CWA Recommendations for Verizon Proxy voting.
Check out this terrific video celebrating Women's History month. This is Local 1101's Elizabeth Mercado, Chair of the CWA National Women's Committee, with members of CWAs Women and Human Rights Committee, talking about gender equality and equal rights for all. Click story headline for the video.

First Meeting of revived Chapter, November 2012 

First Meeting of Revived Chapter

2015 Pre-Strike Rally, 
Near 140 West St. and in front of 1095 A of A

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