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Back on Mad Ave

12 Mar, 2022

CWA 1101 retirees returned to 667 Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan yesterday, March 11, to support our IUE-CWA sisters and brothers at GE. Don't let GE break itself up into small pieces and feed itself to the hedge funds and financial giants. Build out the GE facilities in Schenectady NY and Lynn, Massachusetts.  Stop sending our jobs overseas. Create good union jobs and clean energy in New York State. 

Don't let anyone say this is unrealistic.  Click here for a twenty page report by profs at Cornell, NY and UMass laying out exactly why this should, and how this could, all be acheived. The money's there. It's just being  diverted to a CEO's "bonus" and those hedge fund flim flams.

Check out these short CWA videos: here and here and here.